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Market Value for 70 Springwood Dr., Springboro, OH 45066

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An Advanced, “Tech Marketing” Plan Of Action For 70 Springwood Dr., Springboro, OH…

Presented by Tyler A. Morton

Of course, we’ll be performing a lot of the “usual stuff” when it comes to marketing 70 Springwood Dr., Springboro, OH, such as:

  • Adding to the Multiple Listing Service with a great description and lots of photos.
  • Syndicating to all the major national property search websites.
  • Featuring on our company website & sending an email to our in-house database of buyers…

The stuff that just about every agent out there is doing… but…

When You Choose Us As Your Marketing Partner For 70 Springwood Dr., Springboro, OH, You’ll Also Receive Some of the “Advanced” Marketing Services below.

Very few (if any) of our competitors are actually doing any of these items on a regular basis.

Consistent Craigslist Ad Posting

We’ll create a well written, compelling, “traffic stopping” Craigslist ad for your property & every 72 hours we’ll make sure it’s reposted so it stays at the top of the search results.

Also, we’ll use special keywords so the listing shows up when people are searching specifically for listings in your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.

Create A “Facebook Pitch Post” on Our Fan Page and Drive LOTS Of Targeted Visitors To The Post

One of the quickest ways that we’ll let 1000′s of people know 70 Springwood Dr., Springboro, OH is for sale is by running a very targeted Facebook ads promotion directly to a status update about the property.

This status update will appear on our Fan page, so you’ll get the benefit of exposure to our existing audience — plus your property will have a chance to “go viral” as people like and comment on the pictures.

Create A Twitter Profile

We’ll create a Twitter account specifically for 70 Springwood Dr., Springboro, OH, then we’ll make it follow a bunch of people in the area
so word gets around and people can “retweet” 70 Springwood Dr., Springboro, OH to their followers.

Professional Photos

As you probably noticed, in a lot of the steps above we’ll be using the photos of your property to generate some buzz.

So, we’ll want to make sure these photos look great. Once you’ve signed the listing contract and agreed to have us market
70 Springwood Dr., Springboro, OH on your behalf, we’ll send out aProfessional Photographer to get us the best possible shots for the property…